Space Issues

(PYS) What implications would the discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life have on our legal system? How would we deal with or define the legal status of beings potentially very different from ourselves?

PYS) How should solar system real estate (asteroids, rocky moons, etc.) be allocated? Should there be some sort of homesteading act, as there was in the western United States during exploration periods? Should there even be private property at all?

(ZD) A baby is born in space, perhaps at an orbiting hotel. What is that baby’s citizenship status?
Could it ever be president of the United States?

(ZD) Can a private citizen or government currently own a part of Space?

(ZD) How can we hold someone liable for damage if their spacecraft falls on us, but they have no other contact with our jurisdiction?

(ZD) Could the U.S. government prosecute a murder committed in space?

PYS: Previous Year's Student
ZD: Zac Dillon

Legal Research by Chrystal Ong
Legal Research by Zac Dillon
Links Relevant to Space by Gabia Pakstys (Previous year)
Legal Research by Kevin Thielen
(Previous year)
Legal Research from previous years.
Legal Research from a previous year--a bibliography of articles on space law.
Legal Research from a previous year--existing treaties and other material.

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