This is a seminar on new legal issues raised by new technologies. The format is an explanation of the technology based on readings and lectures, including guest lectures, followed by discussions of legal issues arising from the technology. Issues can run across the board--crime, tort, property, family law, intellectual property, ... . The emphasis will be on the question of how, if these technologies develop, the legal system can take account of them, not on the issue of whether they ought to be permitted.

Technologies discussed will include but not be limited to:

Modern surveillance techniques, including bugging, interception, and satellite photographs.

Encryption, digital signatures, and related technologies ... .

Computer networks as relevant to privacy, contract, defamation, freedom of speech, and other issues.

Open Source Software.

Technological protection of intellectual property.

Mind drugs.

Virtual reality.


Biotechnology, especially reproductive technology.

Students are invited to suggest additional topics.

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