Jimm Erickson

Legal Issues of the 21st Century

Spring 2004


      The following is a fairly comprehensive bibliography of law review articles centered upon (or substantially involving) space law and published during the past decade.


      Some of the categories overlap.  For example, "orbital rights" is included with "Satellites," but is also a property issue.  "Space Debris" also may implicate "Torts" and "General International."  Issues involving private investment and travel in space are heavily tort-oriented, but are more properly grouped as "Property" issues.  The phrase "common good of mankind" sometimes relates to international agreements, and sometimes is code (employed approvingly or critically) for a pro- or anti-laissez faire approach to property in space.  Thus titles featuring this phrase appear under both "Property" and "General International."


      Except for the catch-all categories of "General International" and "General," the categories are given in order of number of articles; "Intellectual Property," however, has been appended to the end of "Property" in general.


      However, regarding this ordering of subjects in terms of most popular:  Note that in terms of articles published since 2000, "Satellites" (7 articles) and "Military and Defense" (6) are hotter topics than "Property" (5); perhaps also notably, two of the three "Global Protection" (asteroids) articles are post-2000.  Meanwhile, the catch-all "General International" was much hotter in the 90s than more recently; only four of those seventeen articles are post-2000.


      As an example of overlap, typical of most of these articles:  The student moot court briefs under "Torts" deal with a hypothetical clash between two launch-capable nations after a disaster in space.  Clearly, this topic also entails issues such as "Environmentalism," "Satellites," "Property," and "General International."








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Summer, 2003, 24 U. Pa. J. Int'l Econ. L. 289, 13590 words, ARTICLE: Balancing Equity and Efficiency Issues in the Management of Shared Global Radiocommunication Resources, Rob Frieden


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Spring, 1999, 28 Stetson L. Rev. 1091, 30630 words, ARTICLE: Moving Pictures: How Satellites, the Internet, and International Environmental Law can Help Promote Sustainable Development , Charles Davies , Susan Hoban  and Braden Penhoet


Spring, 2001, 19 Wis. Int'l L.J. 231, 11656 words, NOTE AND COMMENT: Give Me My Space: Implications for Permitting National Appropriation of the Geostationary Orbit, Susan Cahill







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February / March, 1998, 63 J. Air L. & Com. 517, 13982 words, ARTICLE: This Is Ground Control To Major Tom ... Your Wife Would Like To Sue But There's Nothing We Can Do  ... The Unlikelihood That The Ftca Waives Sovereign Immunity For Torts Committed By United States Employees In Outer Space: A Call For Preemptive Legislation, Lauren S.-B. Bornemann


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