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Legal Issues of the 21st Century

School of Law

Santa Clara University

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Spring 2000

Fitzgerald, Kevin, "Stopping the Presses"

Green, Kristen, "Memorandum of applicable state law on the likelihood of success on claims against HAND in the matter discussed at the board meeting"

Heimlich, Alan, "A Review of Government Wiretap Capability: Do New Technologies Plus Old Law Equal New Constitutional Violations?"

Kimura, Tai, "Nanotechnology: Death and Taxes?"

Bryan M. Kreft, "Open Source Software: Background, Licensing and Practical Implications"

Wallace, Cynthia , "From Frankenstein’s Monster to The Matrix: Legal Effects of Sentient Machines"

Spring 2001

Boyer, Brian S.: "Federal Preemption and Contract Invalidation of Quasi-Open-Source Software Development Agreements"

Branson, Christie, "Can There Be Tort Liability For Surrogate Mothers Who Breach Surrogacy Contracts?"

Brechbill, Heather "Internet Gambling:Will Technological and Jurisdictional Concerns Prevent Government Prohibition of Online Gambling?"

Heck, , "Cloning and Intestate Succession: Are "Parents" Defined Well Enough to Inherit?"

Mason, Alan, A Case of Assault in Deep VR

Spring 2002

Kelly, Matthew C., "Promoting the Useful Arts: Past, Current, and Future Legal Ramifications of Digital Music Piracy"

Kirkpatrick, Andrea, "Defining Sex in the 21st Century: Ambiguous Gender, Ambiguous Rules"

Solomon, Sagi, "Reputation-Based Enforcement Mechanisms: The Problem Of Enforcing Contracts In A World Of Strong Privacy"

Spring 2003

Andrade, Dale, "I Now Pronounce You Man and Machine"

Bond, Joe, "Marriage and Family in a Virtual World."

Cedor, Francesca, When Privacy Perishes from a Place Inside:The Right to Privacy in a World with Advanced Implant Technology

Spring 2004

Anonymous Student, The Disparity Between How Traditional Phone Companies And Internet Phone Companies Are Regulated And Taxed

Berridge, Ann, Genetically Modified Foods: Genetically Modified Foods: The United States v. the European Union

Choi, D., Who is to Blame for Modern-Day Piracy?

Erickson, Jimm, Your Sign Here: Advertising Space ... in Space

McCarthy, Ryan A.  When Cars Can Fly: Automotive Product Liability Law in the  Age of the Highway in the Sky

Oguss, D., Patent Problems Pending: A Critical Look at Patent Law in the 21st Century

Seifert, R., Sentient Machines and Legal Rights

Spring 2007

Stuart, Rebecca, Mind Viewers and Truth Tellers: The Future of Brain Mapping.

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