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Richard Epstein of Chicago and Kathleen Sullivan of Stanford have some comments on the DOJ position on encryption. They go through many of the constitutional and practical issues we have discussed.

The proposed revision to UCB 2B has been attacked as­among other things­an expansion of contract law that ought to be preempted by copyright law. Boalt is holding a conference on the subject the weekend of April 25th.

Ron Rivest, the "R" in RSA, has a new approach to the problem of keeping messages secret--and one that may not be covered by current export law.

An Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control: Consultation version of working document prepared for European Parliament by its Directorate General for Research Scientific and Technological Options Assessment (STOA)

An interview with a former NSA director on the subject of encryption. Best quote: "99% of the American public has no idea what crypto is."

Hacker culture is alive and well--boasts and all--CNN on teens hacking the pentagon.

FBI warnings of the dangers of pedophiles on the Internet. Out of 23 "children" in an internet chat room, 22 were pedophiles and one was an FBI agent.

First conviction for sending hate EMail

Proposed legislation to require libraries using federal money to connect to the internet to provide filtering software to protect children.

Dorothy Denning co-authored an article looking at cases where encryption interfered with a criminal investigation. A summary, the list of cases, some commentary, and part of an online discussion involving Denning, are all webbed.

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Frivolous Links (which in addition to being frivolous is suing Janet Reno to challenge the constitutionality of the CDA).

Among these images is a print of Manet's "Olympia" When this now famous nude was unveiled in 1863, it caused an outrage because of its blatant sexuality. (From Carl Kadie's FAQ on school policies re internet pornography). (Unfortunately, all you get is a small greyscale version).

Dilbert on shrink-wrap licenses.

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