Possible Paper Topics

Ideally, a paper for this course should explore both legal and technological issues associated with some relevant question. The following are intended as possible examples; feel free to invent one of your own.

Is ITAR Constitutional? Is it enforceable?


Clipper 1, 2, 3?: Is there a constitutional (and politically and technologically viable) way of controlling encryption?


Encryption, and the Fifth Amendment--can you refuse to give the police your password?


Protecting Intellectual Property on the Net: Law or Technology?


Viruses: Facts and law


Stealing a penny from everyone: Networked threats and defenses


The Legal System in a World of Strong Privacy


Can Hubert Humphrey police the Internet?


Does Cyberspace Need Its Own Laws?


Norms of the Net: How are They Enforced, Do They Work?


Cyberpunk: Does SF Get the Legal Issues Right? (True Names, Snowcrash, Trouble and Her Friends, ...)


The Church of Scientology vs anon.penet.fi


Can pornography be regulated on the Internet: Legal and technical issues.


Filtering software--legal and technical issues


Obscenity and Harassment: Can Private Solutions Work?


Online Defamation


Who Has Jurisdiction in Cyberspace?


Should Computer Intrusions be Crimes or Torts?


Cyberterrorism: Threat or Wet Firecracker?

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