Lecture notes:Ricardo

0: Introduction


Chapter I

I. Value:






Chapter II: Rent




Chapter III


Chapter IV


Chapter V


Chapter VI


Chapter VII: On Foreign Trade


Chapter VIII On Taxes

Chapter IX: Taxes on Raw Produce


Chapter X: Taxes on Rent


Chapter XI: Tithes


Chapter XII: Land Tax


Chapter XIII: Taxes on Gold


XIV: Taxes on Houses


XV: Taxes on Profits


XVI: Taxes on Wages


Chapter XVII: Taxes on Commodities other than Raw Produce



Chapter XVIII: Poor Rates


Chapter XX:Value and Riches, Their Distinctive Properties


Chapter XXI: Effects of Accumulation on Profits and Interest

Chapter XXII: Bounties on Exportation and Prohibitions of Importation

Chapter XXIII: On Bounties on Productions

Chapter XXXI: On Machinery









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