Audio Recordings

IP Theory 2013

Santa Clara University

Professor David Friedman

August 22: Economics of IP
August 27: Patent
August 29: Patent and Against Intellectual Monopoly Chapter 1
September 3: Patent
September 5: Patent
September 10: Coase
September 12: Coase
September 17
September 19: Against Intellectual Monopoly Chapters 3 and 4
September 24: Copyright
September 26: Copyright
October 1: Copyright (missing the first part of class, due to my dropping my cell phone)
October 3: Copyright
October 8: Against Intellectual Monopoly Chapters 2 and 5
October 10: Trademark

October 17: Various
October 22: Copyright and Design Patents--but only the first few minutes of the class got recorded.
October 24: Student Papers. Patent law in India and related topics.
October 29: Student Papers. 3D Printing.
October 31: Student Papers. 3D printing and some medicine
November 5: More medicine, Games
November 7: More games
November 12: Games and Augmented Reality
November 14: NIH takings and Akimai II (Part missing)
November 19: Foreign Copyright rules and IP for Tattoos (a little may be missing at about the one hour mark)
November 21: America Invents Act and Derivative Wors