Economic Analysis of Law: Whiteboards and Recordings


Second Week--Externalities: Class 1 Class 2 (started recorder late)
Third Week: Class 1  Class 2
Fourth Week: Class 1 (forgot to record), Class 2
Fifth Week: Class 1  Class 2
Sixth Week: Class
Seventh Week (Property): Class
Eighth Week (Property): Class 1 
Ninth Week: (Contract) Class 1 Class 2
Tenth Week: (Family) Class 1 Class 2
Eleventh Week (Tort) Class
Twelfth Week (Crime): Class1 Class2 (some antitrust)
Thirteenth Week (Antitrust) Class
Fourteenth Week (Other Paths) Class  Class


Second Week:  Class 2
Third Week: Class 1(common pool oil drilling)
Fourth Week: Class 1 Utility function for lottery insurance puzzle, Moral Hazard costs and adverse selection
Fifth Week: Value of life and negative life insurance
Eighth Week: Land with Easement Doctor and Candy Factory
Tenth Week: Marriage Market
Thirteenth Week?: Consumer and Producer Surplus
Fourteenth Week: Inefficiency of Private Enforcement as per Landes and Posner