Economic Analysis of Law: Whiteboards and Recordings


First Week: Class 1 first part. Second part. (battery died in the middle) Class 2 (end missing)
Second Week--Externalities: Class 1 Class 2  [Both recordings are from the 2009 class]
Third Week--Coase and Spaghetti: Class 1  Class 2
Fourth Week--Economics of Risk, Ex Post/Ex Ante Enforcement: Class 1  Class 2
Fifth Week: Game Theory  Value of Life
Sixth Week: Review before Midterm
Seventh Week (Property): Class 1  Class 2
Eighth Week (Intellectual Property): Class 1 
Ninth Week: (Contract) Class 1 Class 2
Tenth Week: (Family) Class 1 Class 2
Eleventh Week (Tort) Class 1  Class 2
Twelfth Week (Crime): Class1 Class2
Thirteenth Week (Antitrust) Class 1 Class 2
Fourteenth Week (Other Paths) Class 1  Class 2


Fourth Week, Class 2: Ex Post/Ex Ante
Thirteenth Week, Class 1: Price discrimination