Audio Recordings

Legal Systems Very Different From Ours 2013

Santa Clara University

Professor David Friedman

August 22: Gypsy Law
August 27: Gypsy Law
August 29 (Missing the end)
September 3: Amish Law
September 5: Jewish Law
September 10: Islamic Law
September 12: Islamic Law
September 17: Polylegal and Divine
September 19: Saga Period Iceland
September 24: Somali Law
September 26: English Criminal Law in the 18th Century
October 1: The Law of Periclean Athens
October 3: The Law of Periclean Athens
October 8: The Law of Periclean Athens
October 10: Irish Law
October 17: Enforcement Mechanisms and the Incentive to Enforce
October 22: Chinese law
October 24: Chinese law cases
October 29: More Chinese law
October 31: More Chinese Law, plus Cyberspace Contracting
November 5: The Invisible Hook: 18th c. piracy
November 7: Dummy Husbands of Cairo and Dummy Landowners of London
November 12: Ptolemaic Egypt, Bedouin Law, Medieval Russia
November 14: Ancient Maya
November 19: Juvenile Justice, Environmental Law, Australian Aboriginal Law
November 21: Confucian Local Government, Mafia, Samoan Law