Analytical Methods for Lawyers: Whiteboards and Recordings

Recordings [Some are missing, usually due to my forgetting to turn on the recorder]

Decision Theory: Class 1 Class 2 

Game Theory: Class 1 (Only part of the class--the battery died) Class 2

Contracts: Class 1   Class 2  Class 3  Class 4(China to Cyberspace)

Accounting: Class 1 Class 2 Class 3

Review Before the Midterm (+ a bit more accounting)

Finance: Class 1 Class 2

Economics: Class 1 Class 2 Class 3

Law and Economics: Class 

Statistics: Class1
Class2  Class3   Class 4

Review: Class 1


Decision Theory: Class 2

Game Theory: Class 1 Class 2

Contracts: Principle Agent problem for an Attorney General

Accounting: Theater 1  Theater 2 Law Student  Assets/liabilities vs equity/liabilities  Apex

Review: Schelling Point Numbers

Economics:Class 1 Picture 1  Picture 2  Picture 3

Class 2 Consumer and Producer Surplus  Marginal Value Curve=Demand Curve  Monopolistic Competition
Rent Seeking to Monopoly

Law and Economics: Optimal Punishment

Statistics: Z test  Z test for m/f SAT difference  Residuals  Bell curve Z

Review: Paper/Stone/Scissors Matrix   Subgame Perfect Tree