Analytical Methods for Lawyers: Whiteboards and Recordings

Recordings [Some may be missing, usually due to my forgetting to turn on the recorder]

Decision Theory: Class 1 Class 2 

Game Theory: Class 1 Class 2  [Both recordings are from the 2009 class]

Contracts: Class 1   Class 2  Class 3  Class 4 (China to Cyberspace)

Accounting: Class 1 Class 2 [cut short] Class 3

Review Before the Midterm

Finance: Class 1 Class 2

Back of the Envelope: Class

Economics: Class 1 Class 2 Class 3

Law and Economics: Class 1  Class 2 

Statistics: Class1
Class2  Class3   Class 4  Class 5

Review: Class 1


Contracts class 3: Hiring a law firm
Accounting Class 1:Balance Sheet and Income Acct  T-Accts  Income Statement  T-Accts  Joyce Accts
Accounting Class 2: Upstage Theater (T Account)  Upst Thtr Cash&Income  Orders of Magnitude
Accounting Class 3:Snowplow Gill Snowplow Jim ARL Year1 ARL Year2 ARL Jane TEC  Leverage
Review: Subgame Perfect
Finance Class 1: Inefficient Generosity
Back Of The Envelope Class: Is it True?
Econ Class 2: Demand Curve  Consumer Surplus  Price Control:1 2 Gain and loss to consumer with rationing  
Econ Class 3
Deducing D Curve  Rent Seeking RR  Externalities from Schooling
Statistics Class 4 
Outliers   Residuals  Class 5  Linear Regression RSquared