Presentation Outline

Holy Wars and Piratical Governments: The Barbary Corsairs


I.                      Introduction

a.       Origin of “Barbary”

b.       Geography

c.       Causes of Piracy

II.                   History

a.       Barbarossa Brothers

                                                                                i.       Uruj and Kheir-ed-din

b.       Governmental/Power Structure of the Barbary States

                                                                                i.       Ottoman regencies –  Sultan, Pashas, Divan, Beys and Deys

III.                Logistics of an Attack

a.       Galleys and Ships

                                                                                i.       Complement – Rais, Aga, Janissaries, Oarsmen

b.       Spoils

                                                                                i.       Strictly divided according to rules

IV.               Slaves

a.       Ransom and imprisonment in the bagnios

b.       Conversion

V.                  Renegades and the Diversity of the Barbary States

VI.               Rules and Punishment

a.       Slaves

b.       Non-slaves

c.       Marriage

VII.            Maltese Corsairs – the Christian counterpart to the Barbary corsairs

a.       History of the Knights Hospitaler of St. John

b.       Rules and Tribunals

c.       Galleys and Logistics of Attack

                                                                                i.       Licensing

                                                                                  ii.       Spoils

d.       Slaves