Legal Systems Very Different From Ours

Syllabus, Spring 2008

1/8: Thinking about legal systems

1/10: Gypsy law: pp. 27-61

1/15: Gypsy Law: Chapter 3. You may want to also look at a piece of mine discussing the implicit feud system underlying all societies, including ours.

1/17: Gypsy Law: Chapter 7

1/22: "
Private Creation and Enforcement of Law"
{ Viking Age Iceland, Bloodtaking and Peacemaking, Njalsaga}

1/29: Law in Imperial China: Chapter 1, Chapter 2 parts 3,4, Chapter 3 parts 1-9, Chapter 4, Chapter 6

1/31: Your assigned cases from Law in Imperial China

2/5: Student paper on imperial chinese law. On Tibetan Law

2/7: Essays on China's Legal Tradition (Chapter IV--on commercial law in Taiwan)

2/12: "From Imperial China to Cyberspace"

2/14: The Law in Classical Athens pp. 33-40, 53-66, 84-98, 161-164, 235-259

2/19: (Administrative Monday--class doesn't happen)

2/21: My outline of The Law in Classical Athens
Wages, prices and all that in classical Athens

2/26:The Law of Primitive Man Chapter 7, The Cheyenne Way pp. 1-19, 29-32

2/28:The Cheyenne Way chapter IV, pp. 99-106

3/3-3/8: Spring break

3/11: The Cheyenne Way pp.110-114, 119-128, 132-143, 160-180, 190-193, 201-204

3/13: The Cheyenne Way pp. 212-218, 223-229, 314-324.

Note that pp. 341-346 contain abstracts and page references for all the cases, which may be helpful in understanding the assigned passages.

3/20: Making Sense of English Law Enforcement in the Eighteenth Century

3/25: Studies in Islamic Law Chapter 2

3/27: Studies in Islamic Law Chapters 4-6.
{Muhammadan Law}

4/1: More Islamic law

[From here on, the readings listed are interesting papers from previous years; some may be replaced by presentations of paper drafts by this year's students]

4/3:  Amish Law, The Court of Love (LDS)
Nation of Islam

4/10: Communes? The Sebei?     The Ashanti?

4/15: Barbary Corsairs Caribbean Pirates Student Pirate Paper


4/17: The Oneida Commune

4/22: Last class