1Fam60, Fam80, pnea, paft, and the school performance variables are from Peltzman's data, to which he kindly permitted me access.

2The dependent variable, as in Peltzman's Table 5, is coefficient of regression of average test scores on time, 1972-81. Enrollment per district 78/57 is my measure of changes in enrollment per school district, discussed below. Its inclusion tends to weaken or eliminate the significance of the change in the state government share of public school expenditure, as one might expect, since they are both measures of the shift towards centralization. Similarly, the inclusion of Cons, my measure of how conservative a state is politically, tends to weaken the significane of Peltzman's Teacher's Bargaining Rights law Index, 1972.

3This point is made in Peltzman's paper, although it is not central to his argument .