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Computers, Crime and Privacy


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Student Paper Topics

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Norma Acosta Hard disks, Encryption and the 5th Amendment 4/10/97
Rooz Barkhordari Norms of the Net 4/29/97
Richard Butt Viruses 4/17/97
E. Callahan Regulating Gambling on the Internet EOCALLAHAN@SCUACC.SCU.EDU 4/24/97
Kathy Camp Scientology 4/22/97
Sean Calvert Using the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 to build a better hacker trap ?
Kevin Haugh CalTech v. Jingsong Hu KBHAUGH@SCUACC.SCU.EDU 4/24/97
Jay McKinsey Protecting Intelluctual Property on the Net: Law or Technology 4/15/97
Olivia Simmons Jurisdiction in Cyberspace.
Jill Stevenson Universities, Free Speech, Harassment: Recent Cases and General Conclusions 4/10/97
David Taghioff Online Defamation 4/3/97
Carla Wong 4/24/97

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