Computers, Crime and Privacy:

Sketch of the Course



I. About the first half of the semester will be lecture/discussions on a range of topics, including but not limited to the readings.


2. During that time, each student should pick a topic for a paper and start working on it.


3. Second half will consist of student presentations, discussions.

My Topics


A. Computer crime:

1. What it is

2. How it fits into the current structure of law

a. Is information property? Elvis Presley Piracy Case

b. How is it valued? Bell South. Lund v Virginia

c. Alternatives to criminal law: Civil law. Trade Secret. Copyright....

3. How it ought to be dealt with.

a. By analogy

b. By new legislation

c. By realspace contract, property, technological protection, etc.

B. Old privacy issues

1. Protection against false information being distributed. (defamation law?)

2. Protection against true information being distributed. (Privacy) Fair Credit Reporting Act. Desirable? Doable?

3. Protection against government collection and distribution of information.

C. New privacy issue: Privacy via encryption.

1. Computers as promoters of privacy

2. Criminal implications

3. Other (?) social implications.

D. Law, Technology and Metaphor The technology of strong privacy

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