CCP97: Syllabus

Preliminary Syllabus: Computers, Crime and Privacy 1997

Preliminary Syllabus: Computers, Crime and Privacy 1997

Hoffman, Lance, ed. Building in Big Brother ; 1[3] means Ch 1, part 3
Bruce Sterling The Hacker Crackdown

Week                                           Readings

Introduction and Course Mechanics


Crime and Law Enforcement: The Past

1/21           Lund v Commonwealth of Virginia 232 S.E. 2d 745 (Va. 1977);
              United States v. Seidlitz 589 F.2d 152 (4th Cir. 1978)
              United States v Jones 553 F. 2d 351 (1977)
              The People of New York v. Robert Versaggi 518 N.Y. S. 2d 553 (1987)

1/28 The Hacker Crackdown: Parts 1 and 2
  U. S. v. Neidorff
2/4 The Hacker Crackdown: Parts 3 and 4
  Steve Jackson Games v U.S. Secret Service and ...
The Old Privacy Issues

2/11           Fair Credit Reporting Act and cases.
              Merriken v. Cressman;
              Electronic Communications Privacy Act

Encryption and Strong Privacy
2/20 D. Friedman, "A World of Strong Privacy," Philosophy and Public Policy
    M. Froomkin,  
    Building in Big Brother 2[1,5, 8], 3
3/11   Building in Big Brother 4,5
3/18   Building in Big Brother 6,7
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