Part I: Ideas
Week Topic Chapter     Additional Reading
3/31 Intro 1,2 "Law and Economics"
4/2 Externalities   "The World According to Coase,"
4/7 Insurance    
4/11 The Legal System    
4/14 No Class    
4/16 Ex Ante/Ex Post    
4/18 Property v Liability  

        Part II: Law

4/21 Property 3 "Approximate Optimality of Aboriginal Property Rights"
      "The Problem of Social Cost"
      "Standards As Intellectual Property" pp. 1109-1119
4/28 Contract Law 4  
5/5 Family Law 5 "Marriage, Divorce, and Quasi Rents"
5/7 Review    
5/9 Midterm    
5/12 Tort Law 6 [Review of Economic Analysis of Accident Law]
5/19 Criminal law 7 "Should the Characteristics of Victims and Criminals Count?" pp. 731-751.
5/26 Alternatives   "Private Creation and Enforcement of Law: A Historical Case."
      "Less Law than Meets the Eye,"
      ["Making Sense of English Law Enforcement in the Eighteenth Century,"]
      ["Rational Criminals and Profit-Maximizing Police"]
6/2 Review 8  

[]: Optional Reading--will be available in the library and on my web page

Assigned chapters are from Posner, Richard, Economic Analysis of Law

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