Law's Order: An Economic Account


David D. Friedman


(Forthcoming, Princeton University Press 2000)



Table of Contents




Chapter 1: What Does Economics Have to Do with Law?

Chapter 2: Efficiency and All That

Chapter 3: What's Wrong with the World, Part 1

Chapter 4: What's Wrong with the World, Part 2

Chapter 5: Defining and Enforcing Rights:

Chapter 6: Of Burning Houses and Exploding Coke Bottles

Chapter 7: Coin Flips and Car Crashes: Ex Post versus Ex Ante

Chapter 8: Games, Bargains, Bluffs and Other Really Hard Stuff

Chapter 9: As Much as Your Life is Worth


Intermezzo: The American Legal System in Brief


Chapter 10: Mine, Thine and Ours: The Economics of Property Law

Chapter 11: Clouds and Barbed Wire:

Chapter 12: The Economics of Contract

Chapter 13: Marriage, Sex and Babies

Chapter 14: Tort Law

Chapter 15: Criminal Law

Chapter 16: Antitrust

Chapter 17: Other Paths

Chapter 18: The Crime/Tort Puzzle

Chapter 19: Is the Common Law Efficient?



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