This book is dedicated to


Milton Friedman

Friederich Hayek

Robert A. Heinlein


from whom I learned


and to

Robert M. Schuchman,

who might have written it better

Capitalism is the best. It's free enterprise. Barter. Gimbels, if I get really rank with the clerk, "Well I don't like this', how I can resolve it? If it gets really ridiculous, I go, Frig it, man, I walk.' What can this guy do at Gimbels, even if he was the president of Gimbels? He can always reject me from that store, but I can always got o Macy's. He can't really hurt me. Communism is like one big phone company. Government control, man. And if I get too rank with that phone company, where can I go? I'll end up like a schmuck with a dixie cup on a thread.



Why can't you see?

We just want to be free

To have our homes and families

And live our lives as we please.



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