New Chapters for The Machinery of Freedom Third Edition: Drafts

The Poverty of Our Circumstances

Further Thoughts

49. The First Legal System
50. Kindergarten Anarcho-Capitalism
51. Bargaining Into Anarchic Order
52. A positive account of  Rights
53. Market Failure, an Argument For and Against Government
54. Anarchy and Efficient Law
55. Default Rules and Stability
56. The Hard Problem II
57. Initial Appropriation
58. Welfare and Immigration: A Postscript to Chapter 14

New Stuff

59. Problems with Ayn Rand's Derivation of Ought from Is
60. The Economics of Virtue and Vice 
61. An Argument I lost
62.  Capitalist Trucks
63. The Conservative Mistake
64. The Misuse of Externality Arguments
65. Welcome to the Future
66. Unschooling: A Libertarian Approach to Children

Appendix: My Competition