For the Starving Student

People in the SCA often confuse period with fancy and conclude that they cannot afford to have period gear. This page provides descriptions of low cost ways of producing reasonably period stuff.


A Folding Chair

A rope bed

A trestle table

The Cluny Table


Hardened leather


Simple Period Jewelry You Can Make

Simple Period Recipes

All of these are mine, based on articles in the Miscellany, a book my wife and I self publish. I hope that more will be provided by other people. Anyone who has a good way of doing something period on the cheap is invited to write it up, web it, and send me the URL so I can link to it. If you don't have a web page,  send me the document and I can put it up on mine.

Things I would like covered include tents, clothing, jewelry, feast gear, ...  .

SCA Without Breaking the Bank was an older project along somewhat similar lines.

Metal Armor on a Budget -or- Lowe's Lamellar is an article I found, possibly by a non-SCA person, on a relatively low cost way of making metal lamellar. It looks as though it would be somewhat more expensive than my cuirboulli lamellar but probably less work. I haven't tried it so can't say how well it works. The site I found it on isn't particularly targeted at us but might have other useful ideas.