Slate Star Codex Virtual Meetups

We meet every Saturday until further notice,  starting at 10 A.M Pacific Time. Feel free to invite friends — from anywhere in the world. We meet on Gather in order to have the flexibility, as in realspace meetups, for multiple conversations going on at the same time.

Unfortunately the site does not include a working kitchen, so  guests are advised to bring their own food and drink.

Realspace Meetup

We are having another one on Sunday, March 27th. To play safe, we are asking adults not to come unless they either are vaccinated, have already had the disease, or have had a negative Covid text in the last few days; children are welcome. Given that precaution and the fact that the county infection rate is low and falling, we think it should be safe enough to hold the meetup both inside and outside as usual.

If the infection rate starts back up we may have to cancel, but I don't think that is likely.

For future reference:

Our address is 3806 Williams Road, San Jose, CA 95117. Meetups start at 2:00 on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

We provide food and drink, including dinner for those who are there at dinner time, but guests are welcome to bring additional food and/or drink if they wish. If possible email us to tell us you are coming so we will have a rough count on how many we are feeding, but if you only decide at the last minute you are still welcome.

The meetup is unstructured — conversation, food and drink.

David Friedman