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Discovering Truth




Household Matters


Love, Marriage, Sex and Evolution

Poetry and literature

Politics and Law

Religion and Philosophy



My First Post Done Again

Externalities Part I

Externalities: Part II: Carbon and Covid

Land Gained and Lost: A Fermi Estimate

Climate Change and Food Supply

Climate: Two Metapoints

Climate: The Implication of Uncertainty

Climate Change: The Problem of Sources

Scott Alexander on the Subject of my Previous Post

Critique of “Comprehensive evidence implies a higher social cost of CO2”
Temperature, Mortality and Climate Change

A Climate Falsehood You Can Check for Yourself

William Nordhaus

A Climate Science Textbook

Statistical Arguments

Explaining Climate Policy: When Costs Aren't

Climate Policy, The Public Good Problem, and Religion

Climate and the Media I

Climate and the Media: II


The Hockey Stick

Testing IPCC Projections Against What Happened

How Humans Held Back the Glaciers: Stone Age Humans



Concerning Covid

The Lab Leak Theory: A Bayesian Approach

My Comments on Reader Comments on my lab leak post


Discovering Truth


Official Truth

Why I Believe Things
Explaining Things

When You Cannot Trust the Experts

Back of the Envelope

Who to Trust

Playing Safe

Recognizing Theories

Tribal Loyalty

The Abuse of Statistics

Checking the Fact Checkers

How to Change the World

Who Believes in Science?

Dumb Facts



Making Economics Fun: Part I

­Making Economics Fun: Part II

Utility: Part I

Utility: Part II Heresies

The Connection Between Economic Efficiency and Utility

Critique of a Version of Austrian Economics

Why Prediction Matters

Adam Smith on the Ukraine War

Rothbard on Smith

Beyond Rationality?

Specialization: The Case Against

Two Libertarian Families

Economics in my Fiction

Gift Economies

One solution to the Gift Economy Puzzle

Why Do We Give Gifts?

Ptolemaic Trade Policy

Cartelising the Money Machines
The Economics of Vice and Virtue
Economics and Evolutionary Psychology



Thoughts on Teaching: 1

Thoughts on Teaching: 2

More on Education

Reasons to Learn

Unschooling: 1

Unschooling: 2

The Death of the Chicago Style Seminar

Ideas For Law Schools



I Have Seen the Past — and It Works

Slandering the Past



Household Matters


Concerning Baths and Showers





Initial Appropriation

Libertarian Arguments for Income Redistribution

Libertarian Paternalism

From Edith Efron to Peter Schwartz

Anarchy vs Minarchy: Two One-Sided Exchanges

Murray Rothbard on Me and Vice Versa

Which Side Are You On?  

The 2022 World Freedom Index is Out

Is There a Right of Self Determination?  



Love, Marriage, Sex and Evolution

Modern Mate Search

Does Free Love Promote or Impede Successful Marital Search?
Technology and Courtship

Odds and Ends: On Human Reproduction

Post Script on Gestational Surrogacy

Assortative Mating

The Rhythm Method and Population Growth Rates

Status, Evolution and All That

Race, Gender and IQ


Poetry and literature


Notes on Gesta Gugliemi

Gesta Gugliemi: Part I

Gesta Gugliemi: Part II

Gesta Gugliemi: Part III

The Option 

The Tolkien Puzzle

Orwell on Kipling

George Orwell v Frank Richards

Fictional Saints

The Golden Enclaves


Politics and Law

The King’s Friends

Prosecutorial Discretion

Post Script

Enforcing the Constitution

John Marshall has made his decision

Not What We Intended

A Positive Account of Rights

Feud Law

Tribal Politics

The Political Turing Test

Political Turing Test II

Crazy Like a Fox

Vivek Ramaswamy

Ignorance of Politicians

Primary Tactics

An Argument for Venezuelan Immigration


Religion and Philosophy

Death and Religion

What Do Believers Believe?

Moral Realism

A Refutation of Hume’s Law

Moral Puzzles

The Puzzle of Consciousness

Do Ends Justify Means

Ends and Means: Part Two

Ends, Means and Knowledge

The Oven of Akhnai

The Puzzle of Hell Solved


Solutions to Mortality


Why Subcultures Die

Bogus Quotes 

Games as Training

Little Worlds

One of My Hobbies

Postscript to “An Unrelated Puzzle”

A Ukraine Question

A Postscript to my second post

Invitation to an SSC Meetup

Advice Wanted