IP Theory

Fall 2013

Course Requirements:

Class participation and one substantial paper, final draft due on the last day of exam period. Preliminary draft due about a month earlier, in order that the final month can be spent discussing student papers. Paper topic should be approved in advance.

Students who are using their paper to satisfy the Supervised Analytical Writing Requirement should first look at the description of the requirements in the Juris Doctor Program of Study. At this point, I have already agreed to as many SAWR papers as I am willing to do for this semester.


Video recordings
of classes from last year.

Audio recordings of this year's class.

Some Paper Ideas

A news story that might suggest a paper.

Office Hours Thursday 9/19 instead of Tuesday 9/17 this week (there's a lunch time meeting Tuesday I need to go to)

Office Hours: Bergin 204: T
12:00-1:00, other times by arrangement.
Virtual office hours, via email, 24/7. I can be reached at:


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