Legal Systems Very Different From Ours



I: Gypsy Law

II: The Amish

III: Jewish Law

IV: Islamic Law

V: Embedded and Polylegal Systems

VI: When God is the Legislator

VII: Saga Period Iceland

VIII: Somali Law

IX: Making Sense of English Law Enforcement in the Eighteenth Century

X:Athenian Law: The Work of a Mad Economist

XI: Puzzles of Irish Law

XII: Enforcing Rules

XIII: Incentive to Enforce

XIV: Chinese Law

XV: Plains Indian Law

XVI: Making Law

XVI: Guarding the Guardians.

This book draft is webbed for comments:

As you can see, the present organization mixes chapters on legal systems with thread chapters (boldfaced above), chapters discussing issues that run through multiple legal systems. I have tried to arrange things so that each thread chapter comes after the system chapters to which it is most relevant.

I would be interested in hearing, from anyone who has read through the draft, whether he thinks it would work better if arranged as all of the system chapters followed by all of the thread chapters.