Legal Systems Very Different From Ours

Syllabus, Fall 2013

8/20: Thinking about legal systems

8/27: Gypsy Chapter. Gypsy law: pp. 27-61

8/29: Gypsy law: pp. 88-100, {Chapter 7}

9/3: Amish Chapter

9/5: Jewish Chapter, Reading Assignment from primary sources

 Islamic Chapter, Introduction to Islamic Law  pp. 7-71 or Shari'a Chapters 6-12 or  Between God and the Sultan Chapters 14-16.
{Wael Hallaq 0/Francis Galton 2}

9/12: "The Truth about Cats and Dogs: The Historicity of Early Islamic Law", Reliance of the Traveler or The Risala, at least 20 pages.

9/17: God as Legislator, Embedded and Polylegal Systems

9/19: "Private Creation and Enforcement of Law", {Viking Age Iceland, Bloodtaking and Peacemaking, Njalsaga}

9/24: Somali Chapter

9/26: Making Sense of English Law Enforcement in the Eighteenth Century

10/1:The Law in Classical Athens pp. 33-40, 53-66, 84-98, 161-164, 235-259

10/8: Athenian Chapter, {my outline of the Athens book}.

10/10: Puzzles of Irish Law, Early Irish Law: Preface, Chapters 6-8.

10/12-10/15: Fall break

10/17: Enforcement Mechanisms, Feud as Law Enforcement: Ancient and Modern, The Incentive to Enforce

10/22: Law in Imperial China: Chapter 1, Chapter 2 parts 3,4, Chapter 3 parts 1-9, Chapter 4, Chapter 6
Or, instead of Chapter 3, read The T'ang Code pp. 14-38, which provides similar information for an earlier code.

10/24: Your assigned cases from Law in Imperial China.

10/31: "From Imperial China to Cyberspace", China Chapter, {Essays on China's Legal Tradition Chapter }

11/5:The Invisible Hook, Chapters 1-3, 8. Drafts of papers due

11/7: Read the papers and be prepared to discuss.
Dummy Husbands of Cairo and Dummy Landowners of London
Evolution of the Policy and Function of Excommunication

11/12: Student Papers: Read the papers and be prepared to discuss.

Diadochus: The Law and Empire in Ptolemaic Egypt
Bedouin Law
Law in Medieval Russia

11/14: The Legal System of the Ancient Maya

Politics, Control and Legal Rules of the Maya Civilization

11/19: Juvenile Justice

Environmental Law in Legal Systems Very Different From Ours

Aboriginal Australian Legal Systems

Experiments in Confucian Local Government

11/21The Sicilian Mafia as a Powerful Legal System
[Will be available starting late Wednesday afternoon as a hardcopy on a shelf outside my office--my confusion about who didn't want her paper webbed]

The Italian-American Mafia as a Legal System [distributed as hardcopy]

The Samoan Way

Omerta is not limited to Italians. For example ...

11/26: Last Class. Guarding the Guardians.

{}: Optional readings