Economics 154

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Professor David Friedman


Articles for this course

Lecture Notes for this course

Lecture Notes, Fall 1995 (Santa Clara)

Lecture Notes, Winter Quarter 1996 (Santa Clara)

Midterm Answers

You may want to look at my article on punitive damages and a book review of mine which discuss some of what we covered this week. You may also want to look at my article on compensation for death and injury, which covers material I will be discussing Monday.

Stories You Should Understand

One way of remembering ideas is by the stories that go with them--from the Bionic Burglar Alarm to the Rational Voodoo Killer. Here is a list of story titles that you may find useful.

Old Exams

I taught a course similar to this Winter quarter of 1996 at Santa Clara University. The midterm for that course is now webbed and linked to this page. So are the midterm and final of the law and economics course that I taught in SCU Law School fall semester of 1995.

Price Theory: An Intermediate Text

Several chapters of my Price Theory textbook are now webbed; you may find them useful for explaining economic concepts in more detail than the lecture and the lecture notes. They include:

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, which present a general introduction to economics.

Chapter 11, which discusses strategic behavior, game theory, et. al.

Chapter 15, which discusses economic efficiency and related concepts.

Chapter 18, which discusses market failure problems, including externalities.

Additional chapters are available through the table of contents page.

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