An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the 13th Century

Translated by Charles Perry


Table of Contents

Recipe for Mirkâs (Merguez Sausage)
Recipe for Making Ahrash, Fried Lamb Patties
A Type of Ahrash
Meatball Dish
A Recipe of Isfîriyâ
Simple Isfîriyâ
Counterfeit (Vegetarian) Isfî riyâof Garbanzos
Royal Sanhâji
Mirkâs with Fresh Cheese
Recipe for the Dish Mentioned by Al-Razi
The Dish Sinâbi
The Dish Misri (Egyptian)
The Dish Jimli
The Dish Mukhallal
Recipe of Fartûn
Sweetened Mukhallal
'Ujja (Frittata) of Pigeons
Note on the Kinds of Roast
Roast in a Tajine
Recipe for Roast Chickens
Hen Roasted in a Pot in the Oven
Hen Roasted in a Pot at Home
Chicken Called Madhûna, Greased
Cooked Fried Chicken
Stuffed and Roast Mutton; Called "The Complete" [or "The Inclusive"]
Roast Lamb
Lamb Roast Badî'i
Lamb Roast with Its Skin
Roast Calf, which was made for the Sayyid Abu al-'Ala in Ceuta
Recipe for Roast Hare
Recipe for Small Birds Made of Sheep's Meat
Roast Lamb Breast [literally, "flank"]
Another Kind of Lamb Breast
Another Extraordinarily Good Lamb Breast
Recipe for an Extraordinary Sausage
On the Making of Marrow
The Making of Marrow Without Marrow, Which No One Will Suspect
The Making of Another Marrow
The Making of Another Marrow
The Making of a Good Marrow, Which Will Not Be Doubted
Recipe for Roasting It
Recipe for Roasting Other Dishes of the Same (Another from Abu Salih al-Rahbani in His Kitchen)
Note on Thickened and Coated Dishes
Recipe for Zîrbâja
Its Recipe
Recipe for Kâfûriyya, a dish made with camphor
Maghmûm, The Veiled Dish
The Making of Mu'affara Dusted which is Also Called Munashshiya Starched
Recipe for Murûziyya
Recipe for Ja'fariyya
Recipe for Jullâbiyya, a Dish with Julep [Rosewater Syrup]
The Making of Rafî', a Fine Dish
The Making of a Dish of Small Birds
The Making of a Dish of Pigeons, Doves, or White Starlings
A Dish of Young Pigeons
A Dish of Hare
A Preparation of Remarkable Pigeons (Bûjûn)
Recipe for a Dish of Partridge
The Recipe of ibn al-Mahdi's Maghmûm
Abbasid Chicken
The Preparation of Jaldiyya (Leathery)
Recipe for Thûmiyya, a Garlicky Dish
A Chicken called Ibrâhî miyya
Mahshi, a Stuffed Dish
The making of Badî'i, the Remarkable Dish
Another Badî'i
Tajine with Cheese
Recipe for Barmakiyya
The Preparation of Bilâ ja
A Dish With Prunes (Ijjâ s)
Another Dish Like That with Saffron
Another Like Dish
Recipe for a Dish of Chicken or Partridge with Quince or Apple
Boiled Dish of Stuffed Eggplants
A Dish of Eggplants with Saffron
A Dish of Fried Chicken
Recipe for "Hunchbacked" Chicken
Stuffed Lamb Breast in the Oven
A Dish of Large Fish
Recipe for Making Ahrash
Recipe for Making Sinâ b
Farrûj Mubarrad, Cooled Chicken
Recipe for a Dish of Olives
A Dish of Chicken with Mild Wine
Recipe for a Hen Stuffed Without Bones
An Extraordinary Dish of Chicken
Sa'tariyya, a Thyme-flavored Dish
A Good Dish
A Dish of Chicken
A Roast of Stuffed Shimâ s
Farrûj Maghlûq, a Closed Dish of Chicken
A Pie (Mukhabbazah) of Lamb
A Chicken Pie
Stuffed Rabbit
A Hen Roasted in the Oven
Recipe for the Roast of Kings
Tajine of Birds' Giblets
Qanûra of Rabbit in a Frying-Pan, which is Notable
An Extraordinary Stuffed Rabbit
A Chicken Dish
Recipe for Making Qaliyya With a Covering
Jewish Partridge
The Making of Cooled Chicken
A Jewish Dish of Chicken
Recipe for a Dish of Goose and Stuffing
A Jewish Dish of Partridge
A Recipe for Roast Partridge
Recipe for Farrûj Mubarrad, Cooled Chicken
A Stuffed Dish of Chicken (Cooked) in the Oven
A Jewish Dish of Chicken
Egyptian Chicken
A Chicken Known as Zukaira
Recipe for an Extraordinary Chicken Dish
Tharda of Khabîs with Two Chickens
A Stuffed, Buried Jewish Dish
A Green Dish Stuffed with Almonds
Fish Tharîd
According to Hippocrates...
On What Foods Should be Taken Alone and Should Not be Mixed with Other Foods
The Customs that Many People Follow in Their Countries
How It Is Made
Of the Utensils that Those Charged with Cooking or Pharmacy Must Have Ready
How the Service of Dishes is Ordered, and Which is Fitting to be First, and Which Last
Simple White Tafâyâ, Called Isfîdhbâja
Its Recipe:
Recipe for White Tafâyâ: Another Kind
Recipe for White Tafâyâ with Almonds
Recipe for Fried Tafâyâ, Which Was Known in Morocco as Tâhashast
Another Kind of Tafâyâ: the Eastern Style
Recipe for a Pot-Roast, Good for the Old, the Moist of Body and Moist Stomachs
Recipe for Meatballs Used in Some Dishes, such as Tafâyâ, Jimli, and Others
Making Stuffed Isfunj
Mujabbana (Cheese Pie) of Ruqâ q (Thin Flatbread)
A Pie of Pullets or Starlings
A Pie of Sea or River Fish
Layered Loaf (Khubza Muwarraqa)
Loaf Kneaded with Butter
The Making of Qatâif
Sukkariyya, a Sugar Dish from the Dictation of Abu 'Ali al-Bagdadi
A Sukkariyya from His Dictation
Khabîsa from His Dictation
Khabîsa with Pomegranate [p. 27 verso]
Four-Ingredient Khabî sa
A Dish Made with Khabî s
A Dish of Eggplants
The Making of Stuffed Eggs
A Dish Praised in Springtime for Those with Fulness and Those with Burning Blood
A Dish of Sikbâj, Praised for its Nutritive Value
Recipe for Khubaiz with Meat
The Making of Qâhiriyâ t
The Making of Dafâir, Braids
The Making of Râs Maimû n, Monkey's Head
Recipe of the Necessities of Bread and Confection
Stuffed Monkey-Head
A Dish of Partridge
The Making of Qâdû s
A Qâdûs with Meatballs
Stuffing Lamb with Cheese
Preparation known as Hashîshiyya, a Grassy Dish
A Recipe for Stuffed Qursas
Another Qursa Recipe
Tharda with Flat Breads in a Tajine
Tharda of Isfunj with Milk
The Preparation of Aqrû n
The Preparation of âdhân (Ears)
The Making of Hadîdât (Pieces of Iron)
Risen Sweet
Recipe for Mu'aqqad (Nougat) of Sugar
The Making of Fâlû dhaj
Mu'aqqad of Honey
A Preparation Known as Sweet Cane
Stuffed Muqawwara, a Hollowed Pastry
Recipe Known as the Tharda of the Emir
The Making of Khabîs
The Extraction of Meat Juice for Invalids
A Dish which Reduces Appetite and Strengthens the Stomach
A Dish of Meat Juice
A Dish of Meat Juice Effective on the Day of Fever for Illness, after the Illness Decreases
Recipe of a Summer Dish of Praised Nutrition with Sour Grape Juice and Gourd
Another Like It, a Summer Dish that Cools the Body
Another Dish Which Strengthens the Stomach Before Heat
Preparation of Tuffâhiyya, Apple Stew
A Dish of Safarjaliyya, Good for the Stomach
Sikbâj of Veal, Used for Young People in Summer
A Dish Suitable for Autumn
A Dish Made in Winter for Those with Cold Illnesses
A Dish of Pullets Suitable for the Aged and Those with Moistnesses
Tharda of Meat
Tharda of Meat and Eggplants
Tharda of Meat with Turnips and Walnuts
Tharda of Lamb with Garbanzos
Tharda with Heads of Swiss Chard
A Dish Like That, With Sparrows
Another, Called Mukallala (Crowned)
Another, Called Mudhahhaba (Gilded)
Preparation of a Tharda of Two Chickens, One Stuffed With the Other
The Spice Mixture:
Preparation of Meatballs from Any Meat You Wish:
Preparation of Meatballs from Chicken Breasts:
Preparation of Sanbûsak (Stuffed Dumplings):
Tharda of Chicken
Tharda of Tafâyâ
Covered (Crusted) Tafâyâ
Stuffed Tafâyâ
Mukhallal of Chicken and So Forth
TafâyâSaqlabiyya, TafâyâSaqaliba-Style
A Dish of Murri from Any Meat You Wish
A Remarkable Dish in Which is Safîriyya of Eggs
A Dish of Auhashi of Fat Ram
A Dish With Eggplants
Green Dish
Dish of Meat with Walnuts and Mastic
Dish of Meat with Cauliflower
Safarjaliyya, a Quince Dish
Making a Green Hen
Widgeon, Known as the Sparrow Hawk
Jimliyya of Legs and Breast of Squab
Stuffed Goose
Sliced Chicken
A Dish of Whole Turtledoves
A Jointed Hen, Veiled and this dish with partridge is also extraordinary
Chicken with Stuffed Eggplants
A Coral Dish of Chicken
A Reddish-Brown Dish of Chicken
Palace Chicken with Mustard
The Green Dish Which Umm Hakima Taught
A Dish of Pullet
Dish Known as Mulahwaj (the Hasty Dish)
Another Good Dish
Recipe for a Good Dish Covered With Pine-nuts
To Make the Dish Asfar (The Yellow Dish)
Another Partridge Dish
Another Partridge Dish
Jûdhâba with Qatâ if
A Remarkable Stuffed Mutajjan (Fried Dish)
A Similar Mutajjan with Meat Balls
A Remarkable Tajine
Tabâhaja, Which is Fried Meat
Another Tabâhajiyya
Another Tabâhajiyya
Another Tabâhajiyya
Another with Pistachios and Sugar
A Dish of Meatballs
Another Dish of Meat Balls
Stuffed Asparagus
Stuffed Eggs
A Dish of Eggs with Meat
Another Egg Dish
A Roast of Meat
A Roast of Meat
Making Fresh Fish with Eggs
Tortoise or Mullet Pie
[p. 43, recto] ...[about four words missing]... a Dish of Sourdough
To Make Isfîriyâ
Isfîriyâin the Manner of the Market Folk
...[title missing, about a third of a line]...
Dish of Chicken When it is Roasted
Dish of Chicken or Whatever Meat You Please
Bedouin Chicken
Dish of Stuffed Chicken (or Pullet)
Another Dish
Eggplant Dish Known as the Arabic
Dish Prepared With Fried Eggplant
Dish with Truffles and Meat
Preparing Liftiyya (a Dish of Turnips) with Walnuts and Sugar
Meat Soup with Cabbage
Persian Muthallath
Preparing a Dish With Cardoon
Preparing a Dish of Cardoons with Meat
Preparation of Baqliyya of Asparagus
Preparing Asparagus with Meat Stuffing
Making Baqliyya of Asparagus
Making Baqliyya with Eggplants
Preparing Mallow With Jerked Meat
Preparing the Dish Dictated by Abu Ishaq
Making 'Umâniyya [or possibly 'Ammâniyya]
Complete Jimliyya
Meat Roasted Over Coals
Roast Starling
Flank of Lamb Roast in the Oven
Preparing Maslûq al-Saqâ liba, Boiled Dish of the Saqaliba
Al-Ghassani's Tharda
Zabarbada [Zîrbâ ja] of Fresh Cheese
Tharda of Zabarbada
Preparing Tabâhaja of Burâniyya
Dish of Chestnuts with Lamb
Preparation of Chestnut Qaliyya
Preparing Covered Tabâhajiyya [Tabahajiyya Maghmuma]
Dish of Meat With Pistachio
[p. 47, verso] Dish of Lamb With Truffles
Chicken Covered With Walnuts and Saffron
Another Dish Covered with Ground Almonds
Another Dish, Which Is Covered with Cilantro Juice
Dish with Pine Nuts
Another Dish, Covered with Pistachio
Jaldiyya of Chicken
Chicken Dish With Wine
Preparing the Servants' Dish
From the Cook Book of Ibrahim b. al-Mahdi
[p. 48, verso] And Among Them Is Himmasiyya (a garbanzo dish)
Stuffed Burâniyya
Honey Recipe
Preparing Saqlabiyya (Dish of the Saqaliba)
Fresh Beans With Meat, Called Fustuqiyya
Recipe for a Good Dish
Recipe for the Chicken Dish known as Sabâhi (of morning)
Recipe for a Dish of Partridge with Honey
Recipe for the Dish Known as Maghmûm (Veiled)
Recipe for a Dish of Pullet or Partridge
A Jewish Dish of Eggplants Stuffed with Meat
A Sicilian Dish
Chicken In the Oven
[Title missing]
Information About Baqliyyat (Vegetable Dishes) and Mukhaddarat (Greened Dishes)
How You Make It
Qar'iyya, a Dish of Gourd
Preparation of Plain Liftiyya Also
Recipe for White Karanbiyya, a Cabbage Dish
Recipe for Clarified (or Repeated) Liftiyya
Muthallath with Heads of Lettuce
Making Baqliyya (Vegetable Stew) of It
Baqliyya Mukarrara (repeated or refined dish of vegetables)
Basbâsiyya (a dish of fennel)
A Baqliyya of Ziryab's
Safarjaliyya, a Dish Made With Quinces
Tuffâhiyya, a Dish Made With Apples
Preparing Narjisiyya (Narcissus-stew) With Carrots
Preparing Râhibi, the Monk's Dish
How to Make Râhibi
Another Recipe
Another Dish of the Same With (Onion) Drippings
Râhibi in a Tajine [round clay casserole]
Making Dishes Prepared With Eggplants
Preparing The Complete Burâ niyya
A Dish of Eggplants Without Vinegar
Dish of Eggplant
Preparing Tuffâhiyya (Apple Stew) with Eggplants
Preparation of Musa'tar (a Dish Flavored With Thyme) of Eggplants
Preparation of Arnabi
Description of Mahshi (a stuffed dish) With Eggplants
Preparing Mahshi with Eggplants and Cheese
Another Type of Mahshi
Another Recipe for the Same
Recipe for Eggplant Mirkâ s
Recipe for Dusted Eggplants
Recipe for the Fried Version of the Same
Eggplant Isfîriyâ
A Vegetarian Version of the Same Prepared by Ibn Muthanna
Recipe for the Same Dish, Browned Version
Recipe for the Boiled Version of It
Recipe for a Dish of Gourd Resembling Fish, with which you may deceive the invalid who desires fish and the like.
A Muzawwara (Vegetarian Dish) Beneficial for Tertian Fevers and Acute Fevers
Jannâniyya (the Gardener's Dish)
Advice on Fish Dishes in Their Varieties
Recipe for Large Fish Such as Qabtûn and Fahl and Those Similar to Them
Green Tafâyâof Fish
Basbâsiyya, a Fennel Dish
White Tafâyâof the Same
Recipe for Fish in the Style of Jimli
Another Version of the Same
Dish made with Sarda (Pilchard), One of the Good Classes of Fish
Recipe for Munashshâ, a Dish Made with Starch
Fish Murawwaj
Mahshi of Mixed Fish
Dusted Fish
Meatballs and Patties (Ahrash) of Fish
Burâniyya of fish
Preparing Fish Roe
Kinds of Starch Dishes: Couscous, Rice, Meat Porridges (Harisas), Noodles and the Like.
The Perfect Tharîd (The Complete Tharîd)
Vinegar Tharîda, Which is One of the Best
Soldiers' Couscous (Kuskusû Fityâni)
I Have Seen a Couscous Made with Crumbs of the Finest White Bread
White Tharîda with Onion, called Kâfûriyya (Camphor-White)
Tharîd Mudhakkar with Vinegar and Whole Onions
Tharîda with Lamb and Spinach, Moist Cheese and Butter
Tharîda in the Style of the People of Bijaya (Bougie, a city in Algeria) Which They Call the Shâshiyya of Ibn al-Wadi'.
Tharid that the People of Ifriqiyya (Tunisia) Call Fatîr
Recipe for Fidaush (Noodles)
[p. 58, verso] Preparation of the Cooking of Itriyya
Preparation of Rice Cooked Over Water [a double boiler method]
Recipe for Milk Tharî d
Making Muhallabiyya
Its Recipe
Recipe for Folded Bread from Ifriqiyya
How Rice Is Cooked in the East
Mu'allak and Maqlû
Recipe for Mu'allak
Recipe for Maqlû
Tharîd Made with Fattened Chickens or with Well-Fed, Fattened Capons
Tharid Made with Garbanzo Water, Chicken, Cheese and Olives; It is Good for Him Who Fasts
Recipe for a Tharîd Soaked in the Fat of Ten Fattened Chickens
Recipe for Rice Dissolved With Sugar
Information about Harîsa According to its Kinds
The Method of Making It
Rice Harîsa
Recipe for Harîsa Made with White Bread Crumbs Instead of Wheat
Recipe for Tharîd Shabâ t
Royal Jashîsha (Grits) Which Provides Wholesome Nutrition
Good Jashîsha: It Fattens Thin Women and Men
'Asîda Which Fortifies and Nourishes Much and Fattens
'Asîda Made with Grits that Nourishes and Fattens
Mention of the Varieties of Rafîs and Dishes of Bread and Sweets and the Sort
Recipe for Making Jûdhâ ba, Called Umm Al-Faraj: It is an Eastern Dish
Recipe for Simple Jûdhâ ba
Jûdhâba Beneficial for the Cold and It Strengthens Coitus
Preparation of Kunâfa
Preparation of Musammana [Buttered] Which Is Muwarraqa [Leafy]
Recipe for Shabât with Fat
Recipe for Honeyed Rice
Recipe for Mujabbana (Fried Cheese Pie)
Manner of Making it
Recipe for Mujabbana with "Eggs"
Recipe for the Three-Part Mujabbana
Recipe for a Mujabbana with Semolina
Recipe for Oven Cheese Pie, Which We Call Toledan
Recipe for Qursa Made with Fat
Recipe for Qaijâta, Which is Made in al-Andalus, and it is called "Seven Bellies."
Recipe for Mushahhada (Honeycombed), which is Muthaqqaba (Pierced)
Recipe for Murakkaba, a Dish which is Made in the Region of Constantine and is Called Kutâ miyya
Recipe for Murakkaba Layered with Dates
Royal Rafîs
A Good Royal Rafîs
Recipe for Rafîs with Soft Cheese
Rafîs Cooked with Soft Cheese
Qursa (Small Round Flat Loaf) with Dates, One of the Dishes of the People of Ifriqiyya
Tunisian Qursa (Small Round Flat Bread) According to Another Recipe
Recipe for Tarfist, a Dish of the People of Fez
Recipe for Ka'k (Biscotti)
The Preparation of Ka'k
Preparation of Khushkalâ n
Preparation of Khubaiz (Little Bread) that is Made in Niebla
Recipe for Mishâsh
Another Mishâsh
Another Variety of It
Preparation of Jauzînaq (Walnut Marzipan)
Preparation of Qâ hiriyya
Oven Qâhiriyya
Sun-Dried Qâhiriyya
Qâhiriyya Which is Called Sâbûniyya
Sanbûsak of the Common People
Recipe for Abbasid Qatâ if
The Dish Ghassâni
Recipe for Mu'assal of Meat
Recipe for Mu'assal, Used Among Us as the Last Dish
White Mu'assal
A Mu'assal Used in Tunis at Banquets
Preparation of Zulâ biyya
Its Preparation with Sugar
White Fâlûdhaja With Milk; It is Eastern
A Sweet of Dates and Honey
Recipe of Ma'âsim (Wrists)
Sukkariyya, A Sweet of Sugar
An Eastern Sweet
A Sweet Called Ma'qû da
A Sweet from Syria
Rukhâmiyya, a Marble Dish
Preparation of Sugar Qursas
Preparation of Fânîd (Pulled Taffy)
Sukkariyya, a Sugar Dish
Excellent Fâlû dhaj
Making of Elegant Isfunja ("Sponge")
Preparation of Qursas
Elegant Qursa
Stuffed Qanânît, Fried Cannoli
Its Preparation
Preparation of Juraydât, Small Locusts
Ka'k Stuffed with Sugar
Ka'k of Sugar Also
Cast Figures of Sugar
Fruit Made of Sugar [Marzipan]
Preparation of What is known as Fustuqiyya of Sugar
Preparation of Kashkâ b
[Added section on medicinal drinks and preparations]
Chapter One: on Drinks
The Great Drink of Roots
The Little Drink of Roots: Way of Making It
Syrup of Aloe Wood [Stem?]: Way of Making It
Syrup of Citron Leaves: Way of Making It
The Great Cheering Syrup: Way of Making It
A Syrup of Honey
Recipe for Honey-Water
The Recipe for Making a Syrup of Julep
Syrup of Sandalwood: Way of Making It
Formula for Making a Syrup of Mastic
Syrup of Harir: Way of Making It
Syrup of Mint: Way of Making It
Syrup of Fresh Roses, and the Recipe for Making It
A Recipe for Making It by Repetition
Syrup of Dried Roses
Syrup of Violets
Manner of Making a Syrup of Maryût
Syrup of Hyssop
Syrup of Basil
Syrup of Simple Sikanjabîn (Oxymel)
Syrup of Pomegranates
Syrup of Sour Grapes
Syrup of Isfitân
Syrup of Lavender (Halhâ l)
Syrup of Lemon
A Syrup of Benefit Against the Burning of Jaundice and Ringworm
A Syrup which Dries Black Bile and Phlegm
Syrup of Jujubes
Syrup of Thistle
Syrup of Tamarind
Syrup of Carrots
Syrup of Apples
Second Chapter: on Pastes
Carrot Paste
Green Walnut Paste
Quince Paste
Paste of Honeyed Roses
Violet Paste
Mint Paste
Tîqantast Paste
Qirsa'nat Paste
A Paste which Fortifies the Stomach, the Liver, and the Brain
Orange Paste
Caraway Paste
Electuary (Juwârish) of Mint
Electuary of 'Ud Qimâ ri
Electuary of Cloves
Electuary of Musk
Electuary of Red Sandalwood
Electuary of White Sandalwood
Fourth Chapter: On Medicinal Powders (Sufûfât)
Another Delicate Medicinal Powder
A Powder Which Cleans the Stomach ...[four lines missing]...
Powders That Digest The Food
Editor's Notes
Some General Notes on Islamic Cooking
Glossary and Translator's Explanations

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