IP Theory

Fall 2014

Course Requirements:

Class participation and one substantial paper, final draft due on the last day of exam period. Preliminary draft due about a month earlier, in order that the final month can be spent discussing student papers. Paper topic should be approved in advance.

Students who want to use their paper to satisfy the Supervised Analytical Writing Requirement should first look at the description of the requirements in the Juris Doctor Program of Study and then check with me to see if I am still taking more SAWR papers.


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You should think of something to do your paper on that interests you, but if nothing occurs to you, here are
some Paper Ideas to get you started

A news story that might suggest a paper.

Office Hours: Bergin 204: Monday 12:30-1:30

I can meet with students Monday, September 1, although it's a holiday. If you want to come in to discuss your paper ideas, email me.

Virtual office hours, via email, 24/7. I can be reached at:


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