Intellectual Property Theory

Syllabus Fall 2014

The textbook is Foundations of Intellectual Property by Robert Merges and Jane Ginsburg. Other readings are available online and may also be in our library.

Class grades will be based on papers and class participation.

8/18: D. Friedman, Law's Order, Chapters 10 and 11
8/25: Foundations of Intellectual Property: Chapter I: I,

8/27: Foundations of Intellectual Property: Chapter I: II, Against Intellectual Monopoly: Chapter 1
9/3: Foundations of Intellectual Property: Chapter I: III A, B
D. Friedman, "The World According to Coase"
Foundations of Intellectual Property: Chapter I: III C, D
Against Intellectual Monopoly: Chapters 3 and 4
9/24: Foundations of Intellectual Property: Chapter II: I
Foundations of Intellectual Property: Chapter II: II
10/1: Foundations of Intellectual Property: Chapter II: III
10/8: Boldrin and Levine: Against Intellectual Monopoly: Chapters 2,5
Rudyard Kipling's take on U.S. Copyright Piracy.
10/11-14 fall recess
10/15: Foundations of Intellectual Property: Chapter III
10/20: Drafts of papers due
10/22: Foundations of Intellectual Property: Chapter IV
Student Papers
Frederico Gomes: Should IP Law Protect the Game Industry from Copycats?

Michele Ferri: When Copyright Covers for an Aging Patent
Jonathan Lurie: Court's Treatment of Copyright in the Case of Video Games
10/29:Student Papers
Joseph Ayar: Under Current U.S. Jurisprudence, Transgenic Clones Should Be Entitled to Patent Protection
Christina Susanto: The Patentability of Living Organisms
Ming Choy: Reconciling Alice V. Cls Bank With Supreme Court’s § 101 Jurisprudence
11/3: Student Papers
Bill Jacobs: An Analysis of Injunctive Relief in the Patent Space
Phong Dang: Google Books and the Fair Use Doctrine
Krista Steisel: Works of Art
11/5: Student Papers
Chris McKinley: 3D Printing and Patents
Donghui Xu: Royalty Collection for 3D-printing Based on Nodes in Information Age
Nick Hoban, Thank You Law Commission!
11/10: Student Papers
Reed Risenmay, How the Patent System Encourages Ignorant Infringement of Patents
Richard May: Using Pseudonyms Online: A Legal Framework
Scott Stuart: Think Before You Ink: Copyright Implications Facing Tattooed Individuals
11/12: Student Papers
Yiming Zhang: Impact of 3D Printing Technology to Patent Law
Qing Wen: 3D Printing Technology—New Challenges to Patents
Emma Gronroos: Three-Dimensional Challenges on Patent Law

11/17: Student Papers
Rayna Sparkes: Nanotechnology
Alexander Shei: Nanotechnology
Stephen Nicholson, Fair Use
11/19: Student Papers
Mark Nevada: An Essay On Character Protection and Copyright Law
Ann Lucas: IP Protection of Fashion Design of Wearable Technology
Steve Chao: Blurred Lines — How Will "Wearable Technology" Affect the Market and Change IP Laws
11/24: Student Papers
Nicholas Breska: The Fringe Effects of Patent Troll Regulation
Harmony Oswald: IP Address Should Satisfy Pleading Standards for Infringement Claims: A Pornographic Illustration
Rebecca Sullivan: Protecting Fashion Designs
11/26: Last Class
12/20: Final drafts of papers due

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