Our Publications

All three of our publications are currently out of stock.

We hope to have a tenth edition of the Miscellany available fairly soon. I am not sure it is worth reprinting the cookbook collections; much of what is in them is currently webbed, on my site or elsewhere, and other sources are much more available then they were when I first produced the books. If you think I should reprint them, let me know by email.

Elizabeth and I produce three volumes of material of interest to medieval hobbyists. They are available from us (D. Friedman, 3806 Williams Rd, San Jose, CA 95117) at the following prices. If you order them and don't get them, remind me by EMail; I am not very well organized, and orders sometimes get buried at the bottom of stacks of paper. The links below are to the tables of contents of the volumes.


The Miscellany: $11

Cookbook Collection: Volume I:$10

Cookbook Collection: Volume II:$12

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